The Correct Way to Diet

How to Diet the Right Way Since I can remember, there’s always been a new “health & fitness expert” claiming to have revolutionary knowledge on training and nutrition. These “gurus” literally come out of nowhere and begin promoting their “life-changing” food guides and workout programs; intended to transform the average joe into a magazine cover […]

Bodybuilding: Does Age Really Matter

Does Age Matter in Bodybuilding? Bodybuilding has consistently been misinterpreted as a competitive sport that’s practiced by a younger (20s and 30s) demographic. Its often said that age is a crucial factor for being a successful bodybuilder. On the other hand, practicing bodybuilding at a young age has often been seen and criticized as being […]

Bodybuilding: Why Don’t I See Any Results

Bodybuilding: Why Don’t I See Any Results? At one point in our lives, we’ve all probably been in an undesirable situation that we can’t wait to get out of. For bodybuilders, not seeing results for an extended period of time can be exactly that. Plateaus are hard, especially when you don’t know how to move […]